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term and conditions


Our acquaintances provide services based on the terms outlined in the following conditions. Before opting for our services, we recommend going through our terms and conditions and privacy policy.


The sponsor, pro, or agent will verbally agree to an outline of related payments, terms of service, and our cancellation procedure.
These terms and conditions will be acknowledged through a mail confirmation link and affirmative action by checking the “confirmation” box and clicking “submit” to review these Terms and Conditions.
If sponsors are unable to accept the terms and conditions within 25 days of the presentation of conditions presented by The Roots Digital, then the offer will be marked as withdrawn. Sponsors may again request services from The Roots Digital; however, unused provisions and terms and conditions will be considered policy.


If the sponsor does not agree to be legally bound, he/she may convey his consent to The Roots Digital within (7) seven business days by emailing the advertiser’s name, business name, email address, physical or street address, and region to [email protected] with “Cancellation Services” in the subject line, and the services will be canceled without further confirmations, provided that the notice is given before 5 PM UK Eastern Standard Time, and a sponsor is responsible for the costs of all services. However, if by any means, the sponsor does not email or communicate with The Roots Digital for the cancellation of the service, then we would assume that all the terms and conditions are accepted, and you have consented to be legally bound by the terms and conditions agreement.


Sponsors, at any time, can select the fees and pricing for any service being provided by phone, chat, or email. Charges for the services are listed under the individual product/service terms and conditions pages outlined previously. By accepting these terms and conditions, Sponsor expressly agrees to pay the fees and pricing for the Services requested, which were communicated to Sponsor at or before the time of confirmation.


Specified FREE domains will only be the “.com” Domain; excluding premium domains. It will be provided Complimentary for 1 year only, and The Roots Digital will charge domain renewal fees for another year before the domain expiry date.
1- FREE shared hosting (Basic hosting) will be provided for the first year only.
2- SSL certificate will not be provided free of charge in basic hosting.
3- The email storage limits in basic hosting are up to 1 GB.


Sponsor must use one of the following two methods of payment: Credit card to be subsequently charged by The Roots Digital or a Bank Cheque in the name of The Roots Digital. Sponsor authorizes The Roots Digital, or The Roots Digital merchant services provider, to store Sponsor’s financial information for the purpose of enabling payment to The Roots Digital. It is Sponsor’s responsibility to inform The Roots Digital, in writing, of any changes or updates to Sponsor’s financial information. All expenses must be paid in USD. Sponsor is solely responsible for any associated charges. All fees are due according to the agreed-upon fee schedule, or immediately upon Sponsor’s receipt of invoice, as applicable. Sponsor agrees that any setup incidentals or one-time service payments are non-refundable.


Payments made via credit card or a bank account are processed to avoid the hassle of late payment to both parties. However, it is Sponsor’s responsibility to ensure that The Roots Digital has the most updated credit card or bank account information, and such methods are suitable for the payment of The Roots Digital’s services. In the event of a failure of the payment method provided by the Sponsor, and one or more payments are made later than the due date, such late payments are subject to a late fee equal to the greater of $180 or 10% of the total amount due, but not to exceed the maximum amount allowed by applicable law. In addition to late fees, Sponsor agrees to pay all attorneys’ fees and costs incurred by The Roots Digital for late payment collection efforts.


If a Sponsor terminates service prior to the completion of the contract term then Sponsor will pay an early termination fee equal to the remaining Contract Value. Contract Value is articulated by taking the number of months complied with in the agreement or considering request times the month-to-month costs applicable to the Services. For instance, the Contract Value of Services of $1000 for a three-month term is $2500. If the Sponsor cancels after the first month, the cancellation fee will be $1500.


Your refund would be processed as per the chart below: 1- If request for refund is made before the order delivery, you would be eligible for a Full Refund (less 7% service & processing fee). 2- If request for refund is made within 48 hours of the initial design delivery, you would be eligible for a 68% refund (less 10% service & processing fee). 3- If request for refund is made between 48- 120 hours of the initial design delivery, you would be eligible for a 40% refund (less 10% service & processing fee). 4- No refund request will be entertained after 100 hours of your initial design delivery. However, since we accept in 100% client fulfillment you’re energized to contact us instantly in arrange to resolve any of your issues. 5- If no action is performed from customer after initial concept delivery (48 hours) or revised concept (72 hours), then 100% satisfaction will be considered. 6- All refund requests ought to be communicated to the bolster division. The Roots Digital, based on the infringement of your client agreement saves the proper to approve/disapprove your ask on a person case to case premise.


All refund demands will be satisfied as per the taking after the arrangement:
Claim your refund by indicating your concern by reaching us through phone, chat, or email.
We will attempt to resolve your concern by virtues of our modification approach as before long as conceivable or else an e-mail for discount ask will be sent to you from our discount department.
After the refund, your plan rights would be gotten by The Roots Digital and you’d not be able to show any adaptation of the plan sent by the company. Let us moreover indicate that
Since the plan rights would presently be transferred to the company, you’ll not have the correct (coordinate or backhanded) to use any reaction or other substance, work item or media, nor will you have got any proprietorship to it.
Working in collaboration with the Government Copyright Organizations The Roots Digital would share Copyright Procurement data for the Refunded plans that would confine the re-use of the plans as unique plans within the future.

Timeline for the project:

The timeframe for the project will be discussed between both the parties, the service provider The Roots Digital and the client. The timeline will not include weekends, Holidays, or the late feedback from the client will not be counted.


In arranging to supply you with the expected fulfillment, our architects provide according to the client’s specifications and needs. The plans are made after a detailed inquiry and analysis that ensures that the plan’s quality and uniqueness are maintained throughout. 100% Satisfaction Assurance Our free multiple revisions offer guarantees that you get 100% satisfaction. We rework the requested plan and keep on revising it until you’re completely satisfied. We also provide coordination with your printing.