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Canva Introduces Canva Enterprise, Work Kits and AdTech Apps


Canva Create: Work Redesigned

Canva, the renowned online design platform, has revolutionized the world of digital design once again with the introduction of Canva Enterprises, Work Kits, and a suite of AdTech apps. These new offerings are designed to streamline workflows, enhance creativity, and provide robust tools for businesses and individuals alike. Let’s dive into the details of these exciting new features and how they can benefit you.

Canva Enterprises:

Canva Enterprises is a comprehensive solution tailored specifically for large organizations, designed to enhance brand management, streamline collaboration, and ensure consistency across all visual content. This enterprise-level offering provides a centralized repository for all brand assets, such as logos, fonts, and color palettes, ensuring that every piece of content created adheres to the company’s branding guidelines. It features advanced collaboration tools, enabling teams to work together in real-time, share feedback, and make edits simultaneously, which is crucial for marketing and design teams working on large-scale projects. 

Additionally, Canva Enterprises prioritizes security and compliance, offering advanced encryption and compliance features that meet industry standards, thus ensuring the safety and integrity of sensitive company data.

Work Kits:

The workflow in Canva is designed to optimize team productivity by providing a range of tools and templates that can be tailored to the specific needs of the project. These kits include a range of pre-made templates that can be easily customized for different projects, saving time and ensuring consistency in design quality. They also integrate task management features, allowing teams to assign tasks, set deadlines, and track progress directly within the design platform, ensuring that projects stay on schedule. Additionally, the work kit provides an object library where all design assets can be stored and managed in one place, making it easier for team members to access critical resources quickly and efficiently.

AI Updates:

Magic Media: Utilizes AI to generate high-quality media assets, such as images, videos, and animations, based on user specifications, providing quick and creative solutions for content needs.

Magic Design: Offers AI-generated design suggestions by analyzing user inputs and preferences, helping users find inspiration and create visually appealing designs effortlessly.

Resize and Magic Switch: Enables easy resizing of designs for different platforms and formats with just a few clicks. Magic Switch intelligently adjusts design elements to maintain aesthetic integrity in the new size.

Styles and Layouts:

  • Allows users to create and save personalized styles, which can be applied to any design to maintain visual consistency across projects.
  • Provides access to a wide range of professionally designed layouts that can be easily customized, ensuring that content is both engaging and visually striking.
  • Offers various themes that can be applied to projects, providing a cohesive look and feel that aligns with the intended message and audience.

Photo Editor:

  • Includes tools for cropping, resizing, and adjusting photos, giving users complete control over the visual aspects of their images.
  • Provides a variety of filters and effects to enhance photos, allowing users to achieve specific looks and moods for their visuals.
  • Features a one-click background removal tool, making it simple to create clean, professional-quality images without the need for complex editing skills.


Canva’s AdTech apps are designed to revolutionize the creation, management, and optimization of digital advertising campaigns. These tools empower businesses to quickly create visually stunning advertisements using customizable templates and intuitive design features, ensuring that ads are not only eye-catching but also consistent with brand identity. The AdTech suite includes performance tracking capabilities, allowing users to monitor ad effectiveness in real-time and make data-driven decisions to optimize campaigns for better engagement and conversion rates. Additionally, integrated publishing features enable seamless distribution of ads across various platforms directly from Canva, streamlining the advertising process and saving valuable time.